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Health and Safety Modules


  • Management Structure and Policy including Key Requirements, "Statements of Intent" and "Health and Safety at Work Policy".
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation including Key Requirements, contacts to report incidents, procedures, guidelines and Incident Report and Analysis.
  • Risk Assessment including Key Requirements, management, definitions of risks, hazards and controls, monitoring, reviews and audits.
  • The Office including Key Requirements, office environment, Risk Assessments for VDU’s, manual handling, electricity, First Aid and safety signs.
  • Management of Stress including Key Requirements, confidentiality, recognising stress, risk assessments and policy.
  • Infection Control including Key Requirements, protective clothing and equipment, staff vaccinations, inoculation injury, cleaning disinfection procedures, sterilisation procedures, clinical and hazardous waste, Infection Control Risk assessment.
  • COSHH (Working with Hazardous Substances) including Key Requirements, identifying hazardous substances, risk and safety phrases, assessment forms, 53 pages of pre-completed dental specific COSHH forms for substances from alginates to x-ray cleaner, plus pregnant or nursing mother assessments and exposure to biological agents.
  • Pressure Vessels including Key Requirements, Written Scheme of Examination, risk assessment.
  • Fire Risk Management including Key Requirements, fire extinguishers, understanding hazards, assessment guides and forms.

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