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Confidential Waste Disposal

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Confidential Waste Disposal from Shred-It

DD have negotiated a discount for our Members for document destruction with Shred-It, a specialist confidential waste disposal company.

Shred-It was founded in 1988 in Toronto, Canada and is the World’s leading document destruction company with more than 150 Service Centres servicing over 160,000 clients across five continents.

Customers which entrust Shred-It with the destruction of their most important documents include the worlds top intelligence and security agencies, more than 500 police forces, 1,500 hospitals, 8,500 bank branches, and 1,200 universities and colleges.

Shred-it will destroy the documents that could destroy your business and your reputation, if they were to get into the wrong hands.

In total Shred-it supports over 18,000 clients alone in the UK for secure document destruction.

Shred-Its standard price is £75 for 3 consoles, as a DBG Member you can have 5 consoles for just £40!

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