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Compressor Servicing

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Compressor Servicing

Servicing is available on the majority of leading dental compressors.

  • Employers must ensure that all work equipment is available, safe, fit for purpose and in good working condition
  • All equipment must be serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations
  • Records of servicing, inspection and user validation checks must be kept and audited
  • All members of staff must be fully trained in the safe operation compressors prior to use

Calendar Orange How often do I need my Compressor Servicing?

We would recommend you have your compressor serviced in line with manufacturers' guidelines, which is normally annually.

Clock Orange How long does a Compressor Service take?

A compressor service normally takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Pound Orange How much do you charge?

  • Single surgery/headed compressor from £245.00* plus VAT for a Member and £282 plus VAT for a Non Member.
  • Double surgery/headed compressor is £295.00* plus VAT for a  Member and £339 plus VAT for a Non Member.
  • Triple surgery/headed compressor is £345.00* plus VAT for a Member and £397.00 plus VAT for a Non Member.


Person Orange What does your engineer actually do?

  • Switch off unit
  • Check serial number
  • Remove covers as necessary
  • Ensure that there is no stored pressure, relieve if necessary
  • Follow manufacturers' guidelines for servicing requirements, replace parts as required
  • Check and replace breathing air filter elements as required
  • Switch unit on, ensure correct working pressure is achieved
  • Check for signs of air leaks
  • Refit covers as necessary
  • Complete all paperwork
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