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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

All fire extinguishers have to be tested every 12 months, by law. The next inspection date will be on each fire extinguisher label along with the next pressure test/discharge test date.

We can provide an annual test/inspection for £49.50* plus VAT for the first 10 extinguishers. There will be a further charge of £1.50 per unit.

Discharge/Pressure Tests

Foam, water and powder extinguishers are required to be discharged/pressure tested every 5 years. CO2 are required to be discharged/pressure tested every 10 years.

If units require a discharge/pressure test in addtion to the test/inspection, this will incur an additional cost of £30 plus VAT.

*Excludes parts used. Extinguisher maintenance must be undertaken with other work. Member prices quoted. Non-member prices available, contact us for more details.

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