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Washer Disinfector Service

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    Washer Disinfector Service

    To service a washer disinfector in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines which includes both repair and preventative maintenance.

Calendar Orange How often do I need my Washer Disinfector servicing?

The majority of manufacturers recommend you have an annual service.

Clock Orange How long will it take?

It takes around an hour and a half to service a Smeg Washer Disinfector, Prestige models take up to 4 hours, and Medisafe take 2 and a half hours.

Pound Orange How much do you charge?

Washer Disinfector (Benchtop) charge starts from £285+vat

Washer Disinfector (Underbench) charge starts from £285+vat

Washer Disinfector (Free Standing) charge starts from £355+vat

Spanner Orange What does our Engineer actually do?

  • Check and record serial number
  • Isolate water and electricity to the unit
  • Remove cover
  • Check for signs of steam/water leaks
  • Check for lime scale contamination and remove as necessary
  • Remove any debris from the sump, dispose of in accordance with the practice policy
  • Follow manufacturers guidelines for servicing requirements, replace parts as required by manufacturer
  • Fit the temperature probe to areas specified by manufacturer and record results
  • Turn on water and electricity to the unit
  • Perform and record water quality check, hardness, pressure and temperature
  • Check suitability and expiry date of detergent, replace if necessary
  • Run a test cycle in disinfection mode, monitor and record temperature and time for disinfection phase
  • Check for any steam or water leaks during the cycle, repair as necessary
  • Remove temperature probe (ensure cover of the test port is replaced)
  • Refit cover and clean the outside of the washer disinfector if necessary
  • Complete all paperwork
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