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Compliance Packages

Compliance Packages

Our older members will remember the introduction of our first Member’s Area, VCO (Virtual Compliance Office), a tool designed to help you with day to day compliance in your practice.

Although this was built with the best intentions, in truth it was notoriously difficult to use and even more difficult to navigate. Therefore the main focus for the digital team here at DD was to revamp the look, feel and usability of the compliance package.

So we simplified all of the packages to have the same layout to maintain familiarity when using them. Each has a main title on every page, a percentage progress bar, a simple navigation on the left hand side. All content is now central to the page. See example below.


Each page that includes a form is highlighted in the navigation with a Formtobecompleted symbol. The feedback we received from numerous members was that they didn’t know which pages were for information or which would require details completing. This simple addition has been well received and seen more and more members completing the packages themselves without needing to contact our support team.

We have also tidied up how pages would print for users. The old version printed in original html format which is stacked and uses numerous pieces of paper. This was hugely frustrating for those who like to keep hard copies of policies etc. The new print function takes the content from the centre of the page into a neat and formatted printable version. See example below. This makes it much easier to organise for those users who prefer a hard copy.


We also understand that it’s unlikely that any user would sit and complete a package in an afternoon and is likely to complete different sections on an ongoing basis. Therefore we have introduced a Bookmark button Bookmark . You can simply click this before you log out and whenever you return to the package it will take you straight back to where you left it, saving you time trying to remember where you last left it!

If you would like to see a working demo, there is a short information video available below. 

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