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CQC Compliance Tool

CQC Compliance Tool

DD have been supporting practices with their CQC compliance since they were introduced in 2010. Our compliance team has 25 years of dental experience both in practice and as part of a service provider.

When DD first produced a Member’s Area we wanted to create something that members would not only use to support our services, but something that would add value. We also understood how daunting the CQC Essential Standards and outcomes could be, so we decided to include a FREE easy to use application that not only breaks them down but provides users with guidance for providing evidence ready for an inspection.

Every member has access to our Member’s Area and as standard we include our CQC Outcome application within the compliance section. Take a look at the screen shot below, this shows how we have laid out the outcomes in a simple format for you. There is a navigation pane on the left hand side for you to choose which Outcome you would like to view and a Next and Previous button to go through in order if you would like.


Each Outcome is displayed as above with its title and description, then there are 3 drop down sections. The first is a list of suggested evidence to satisfy the outcome. The second displays where the evidence can be found in any of the DBG services you currently have and the third provides the option for you to upload documentation against that outcome. The screen shot opposite shows how this is displayed.


You simply provide the document with a name and Tag (there is further information on Tags in the library section of this site) it against the correct outcome. Include a description and a brief explanation on how this document provides evidence, then upload the file. For some files, ie; a risk assessment, it may require an expiry date so include this before clicking the Addevidence button and you will receive a prompt when it is about to expire.

Our free tool helps you keep calm in the event of an inspection, it guides you through each Outcome and when the inspector asks for the evidence you can find it quickly and easily on our website.

Below is a short tutorial on how to use our CQC Compliance Tool.

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