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The Member's Area has a new cloud based library

The library is an online storage facility for you to store any documentation that you would like to keep safe online. You can upload any file type from images or PDF to Word and Excel documents. As standard dbg will already upload a number of FREE Employment Law templates covering subjects such as a return to work interviews, paternity leave, accepting resignations and many more.

We will also automatically upload any certificates you should receive from us for any training you may have had or for compliance inspections. And if you have any of our Compliance packages you can save individual pages or checklists or other documents in these packages within the library for easy access.

We have included some basic options to sort the documents within the library, either alphabetically, by file type or date added; however for those who prefer more specific options we have developed a modern tagging system.

We have prepared a short Video Tutorial below to show you how our Library works.

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