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Basic Life Support, AED & Specialised Equipment

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Basic Life Support,AED & Specialised Equipment

Basic Life Support & Medical Emergencies training is carried out by one of our qualified instructions within your own practice environment.

Question Yellow Why do I need to do this course?

The GDC states that each member of the dental team must complete at least 10 hours of Medical Emergencies training within every 5 year CPD cycle and recommend you do at least 2 hours every 12 months.

‘A patient could collapse on any premises at any time, whether they have received treatment or not. It is therefore essential that ALL registrants are trained in dealing with medical emergencies, including resuscitation, and possess up to date evidence of capability’. General Dental Council ‘Scope of Practice’ 2013

Clock Yellow How long will this course take?

The course lasts approximately 2.5 hours and this is verifiable CPD containing develpoment outcomes: A, B, C, D

Information Yellow Training Objectives of this course?

  • Primary Dental Care guidance issued by the UK Resuscitation Council/General Dental Council November 2013/2017 Update The importance of defibrillation
  • Identify the common causes of cardiac arrest
  • Signs of cardiac arrest. Use of resuscitation IP&C barrier aids
  • Basic use of oxygen equipment during CPR
  • Perform Basic Life Support (Adult & Paediatric) RCUK BLS 2015
  • The recovery position
  • Aetiology of cardiac arrest
  • Basic cardiac electrophysiology.
  • Define a shockable and none-shockable rhythm.
  • Defibrillator operation and types.
  • Defibrillator daily maintenance checks.
  • Defibrillation safety procedures.
  • Correct Pad placement (adult and child).
  • Perform BLS with AED integration
  • Management of the choking patient
  • When to seek further medical assistance
  • The importance of accurate clinical records
  • Clinical handover process
  • Assess an acutely sick patient using (DR) ABCDE approach
  • The Primary Survey (DR ABC)
  • The Secondary Survey (DE)

Pound Yellow1 How much does this course cost?

For a Member the course is £275 + VAT for up to 12 delegates

For a non member the course is £375 + VAT for up to 12 delegates

Any additional delegates are £10 each up to a maximum of 18.

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