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Energy procurement collective buying opportunity

As a membership organisation part of our job is to be constantly working on new opportunities to help our customer save even more money on the day to day expenses regarding their business.

DBG have an exciting new opportunity to offer its members. Many of you will be aware that over the past few years energy prices have been rising by an average of 10%. You will also have seen oil prices have fallen quite dramatically over recent months and naturally other energy prices have followed a similar trend. 

Returning to the roots of DBG, we believe as a collective should all be looking to take advantage of this by pooling our energy spend together. In fact there are a few more things we can do as a team to reduce energy prices.

What you pay for your energy is really determined by:

  • When you buy your energy (as prices fluctuate within the year)
  • How much energy you buy
  • How many suppliers you approach and whether you have any negotiation power

The issue as we currently understand it is that most of our members have a modest spend, lock their energy in at the same time each year and just stay with their incumbent. By coming together in a “basket” we could:

  • Have the joint procurement power of 7,000 members
  • Use our energy partner to monitor the market and help choose the opportune time to lock the contracts in
  • Get “corporate” instead of “SME” prices

So what do you do next to join the basket? Its quite simple:

1. You can complete the form below or alternatively, send an email to saying you want to join the basket. (We will then send you a very simple email to get some further details)

2. We will then approach all the suppliers and do the rest. Your new contract will run until 30 September 2016.

3. We will publish the average % saving we achieved

We am sure you will agree this is a great opportunity to be proactive. When we ran this exercise for a select number of sites last year as a trial we saved over 20%. Our energy partner is very experienced and buys energy for many household names you will know such as Pret A Manger, Prezzo, Hastings Insurance.

Further Information
The chart below reflects what the wholesale prices for electricity and gas have been doing. The wholesale price represents approximately half of your unit rate with the other half being made up of fixed charges levied by the Government, these rise each year unfortunately. We do however expect that currently the net effect will be a saving to you.

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