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legionella risk assessment

It has been a statutory requirement for some time for commercial premises to have a Legionella control system in place. The HTM 01-05 document has re-highlighted the need for all dental practice owners and responsible  persons to be aware of their legal obligations relating to the control of Legionella on their premises, which is also echoed by the Care Quality Commission* "Essential Standards of Quality and Safety" 

*CQC relates to England only

Regulations and guidance that govern the management of Legionella include:

  • Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
  • ACOP L8 Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems
  • COSHH 2002
  • HTM 01-05
  • HTM 04-01 parts A and B

dbg, in partnership with global water management specialist Euro Environmental, work to ensure that dental practices meet with their legal requirements. Euro Environmental are specialists in industrial support services and are members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA).

Each dental practice will be surveyed according to the ACOP L8 document, HTM 04-01 and HTM 01-05. The service will include:

  • A full survey of domestic water services and all dental equipment used in the practice including Ultra Violet Systems, Reverse Osmosis and Disinfection Units
  • Inspection of all maintenance records
  • Review of all commissioning, decommissioning, cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • Supply of dbg Euro Environmental L8 Log Book including self-monitoring pack for weekly flushing and monthly temperature testing
  • A standard risk assessment
  • Access to all survey information via the internet

every 2 years

duration of assessment:
2 hours (depending on number of surgeries)

dbg member - £350 plus VAT for up to 2 surgeries (£90 plus VAT per additional surgery)

non member - £450 plus VAT for up to 2 surgeries (£120 plus VAT per additional surgery)

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