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Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Risk Assessment

All employees and self-employed people have to assess risks at work according to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 (risk assessment)

Question Purple Why do I need this assessment?

Are you able to answer YES to all of these questions?

  • Are existing fire safety measures within the premises adequate?
  • Are sources of fuel and ignition controlled?
  • Is there adequate means for detecting fire and giving warning?
  • Is there adequate means of escape in case of fire from all parts of the premises?
  • Are evacuation plans and responsible persons clearly highlighted to all who use the practice?
  • Has adequate and appropriate fire fighting equipment been provided, and is it suitably located?
  • Is there an adequate testing and maintenance regime in place for fire precautions within the premises?
  • Have employees been adequately trained in fire safety procedures within the premises and in the use of fire fighting equipment?
  • Is evidence available from induction?
  • Are there procedures in place for reviewing assessments?
  • Are learning outcomes evident?

Calendar Purple How long is this assessment valid?

We recommend that you have a Fire Risk assessment every 12 months.

Clock Purple How long will the assessment take?

For 2 surgeries it should take approxmately 2 hours.

Information Purple What does this assessment include?

  • Identification of the fire risks arising from or in connection with a healthcare practice
  • Identification of the location of staff, patients and visiting contractors at significant risk in case of fire in the practice
  • Identification of current systems in place and whether current management is adequate

Pound Purple How much does this assessment cost?

For a Member this assessment is £299 plus VAT for up to 2 surgeries (£50 plus VAT for additional surgeries).

For a non Member this assessment is £399 plus VAT for up to 2 surgeries (£75 plus VAT for additional surgeries).

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