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Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Marshal

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Basic Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Marshal Training

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires all of the practice team to have ‘adequate instruction and training’ in the event of a fire. The order brought about significant changes in the responsibility for the prevention of fires and knowledge required by employees in the event of a fire in the workplace.

Fire certificates are no longer issued and those previously in force prior to the order have no legal status. The order requires anyone who has control in a practice, or anyone who has a ‘degree of control’ over areas of the practice or systems to be designated as a ‘responsible person’.

Question Yellow Why do I need to do this course?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 - The responsible person must ensure that his employees are provided with adequate safety training.

The majority of fires can be easily prevented if those responsible for a workplace take responsibility for adopting the right behaviours and procedures.

Clock Yellow How long will this course take?

This course takes approximately 2.5 hours and it is all verifiable CPD.

Exclamation Yellow What is covered in this course?

  • Understanding the theory and causes of fire
  • Fire hazards and precautions
  • Raising the alarm
  • Means of escape
  • Classes of fire
  • Which extinguisher to use and correct use of them
  • Fire Marshal's and their role

The role and duties of a Fire Marshal include:

  • Actions on discovering a fire
  • Emergency evacuation procedures and procedures having left the building
  • Actions of discovering persons still in the fire area
  • Spotting fire hazards
  • Feedback to the employer
  • Understanding fire extinguishers and signage
  • Review of Fire Marshal's equipment

Pound Yellow1 How much does this course cost?

For a Member the course is £325 + VAT for up to 15 delegates

For a non member the course is £425 + VAT for up to 15 delegates

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