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IPS publish guidance for new Infection Control Audit Tool

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IPS publish guidance for new Infection Control Audit Tool

The Infection Prevention Society (IPS) has released an updated version of its HTM 01-05 Infection Control Audit tool following the changes from the Department of Health to improve infection control at all primary dental practices.

These changes only applied to the practices in parts of the UK that adopted them, and so were not rolled out to Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland. The new tool from IPS aims to help dental practices work towards compliance of the recent changes.

In order to ensure as many practices as possible are using the new tool and fighting infection effectively, the IPS has put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions. These aim to help dentists fix potential problems before they arise.

The HTM 01-05 Infection Control Audit tool is available for download from the IPS website, and comes with step by step instructions for use on any recent Windows operating system. Dental practices will need a full version of Microsoft Word (2000 or later) and Adobe Reader (version 9 or later), as well as administrative permissions to use the tool.

Although not proof of compliance, the tool is still incredibly valuable for dental practices.

“The CQC are aware of the dental audit tool and the reports it can generate,” the FAQs say.

“The tool is a self-audit and on its own will not provide proof of compliance with the Revised Code of Practice. However, it will be useful as part of the discussion with CQC and will be especially important in demonstrating the improvements practices are making with the use of the Audit Trends report and the Action Plan.”

Dental practices are not obliged to share their reports with their Area Teams as the primary use is for self-assessment. However, the new tool provides the ability to export files of audit results that are suitable to be sent via email.

For more information about the HTM 01-05 Infection Control Audit tool, or to download it, visit the IPS website. The full user guide and FAQs are available to download too.

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