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GDC set to change CPD for dental professional

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GDC set to change CPD for dental professionals

The General Dental Council (GDC) is planning to make changes to requirements for continued professional development (CPD).

Among the aspects that it intends to adapt are the minimum amount of hours that dental professionals are required to complete, the introduction of high level outcomes that are closely related to the GDC's Standards for the Dental Team, ensuring planning and reflection are embedded within CPD requirements, emphasising the importance of good quality CPD by making sure that all parts of it are verifiable and introducing annual declarations of CPD to stay registered with the GDC.

Under the draft version the the Rules Order of Council 2013 for dentists and dental professionals, dentists will be required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of CPD. Dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians will need to complete 75 hours. Meanwhile, dental nurses and dental technicians will be required to complete 50 hours.

Should an individual be registered under more than one title, they will be required to complete the minimum amount of hours for CPD for the title that has the highest number.

Over the course of the five year cycle, a temporary registrant must complete 20 hours of CPD during each year while other practitioners must complete ten hours across each period with two years in a row.

Each year, practitioners will be given a notice period within which they are required to submit a statement concerning their CPD. This will include how many hours of CPD they have undertaken during the year or confirm that none has been undertaken, confirm that they have been keeping a record of CPD during this time and state that the CPD they underwent was in line with their professional field. During the last year of the CPD cycle, the practitioner must also declare the total amount of CPD they have undergone throughout the entire five years.

The current set of proposed changes are up for consultation and will remain open until March 21st 2014. Registrants with the GDC are asked to respond to the consultation as well as other workers within the dental sector, including those who are involved in the delivery of CPD such as providers.

Policy proposals on CPD went up for consultation between October 2012 and January 2013 and were met with positive responses. With CPD requirements being covered under a piece of secondary legislation, the GDC has had to consult on these separately but it will build on the results of the previous consultation.

The main themes of the previous consultation concerned the importance of making good decisions about CPD based on planning and reflection, ensuring CPD meets the Standards for the Dental Team as set out by the GDC and making sure the GDC is assured about CPD so that it can reassure the general public in turn.

Ensuring CPD is up to date is compulsory to remain registered or to regain registration with the GDC, which in turn is a legal requirement for dental care professionals to practice in the UK.

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