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1 - When an inspector calls, it’s all about preparation

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When an inspector calls, it’s all about preparation

It’s been a busy and exciting start to 2014 for us at dbg, working alongside the medical profession, building on the expertise and experience we have gained helping over 7,000 dental practices to meet the challenges posed by CQC.

As part of our efforts to share our CQC knowledge with GPs, we’ve put together articles containing our top tips for CQC compliance for both Practice Management and NHE magazines. And now, I want to start revealing this information to readers of my blog.

So, first of all, my advice is not to panic about the CQC Essential standards of quality and safety. The key to having a positive inspection is to be prepared and organised, and to have a team that communicates effectively. That is what the inspector will want to see when (s)he visits. If you only start organising your paperwork or electronic documents in line with the CQC’s 28 outcomes when you get the call to visit, it’s too late.

Meanwhile, most practices will want their registered provider to be there for the inspection and we would advise that, as the CQC will want to question them, but it is essential that other staff members can access this info should, for example, that person be ill on the day. In addition, CQC adherence is really too much for one person to do, so we think it’s a good idea to appoint deputies in each area to share the responsibility.

These are a snapshot of just two important elements to consider on the road to CQC compliance. Watch out for my next blog, when I’ll be sharing more helpful tips. In the meantime, if dbg can be of any assistance to you, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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