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4 -The whole CQC package

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The whole CQC package

I often emphasise the point that CQC compliance is an on-going process. There is a huge initial focus on that first inspection and how to get everything in place to achieve compliance and that’s great.

But then there’s that moment afterwards, where you take a relieved deep breath and wonder; what now? Now you keep going – and dbg can help you every step of the way. 

When we check providers' compliance with the “Essential Standards”, we focus on the 16 regulations that come within Part 4 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 – These are the ones that most directly relate to the quality and safety of care. Providers must have evidence that they meet the outcomes.

To this end, dbg members are able to purchase a number of online compliance packages that cover Quality, Safety & Health, Information Governance and Working with Patients. Each package provides clear and easy steps to follow enabling you to build and maintain the information required for an inspection whether that is essential policies or basic checklists.

Every package allows you to either to print your evidence or save it securely online, depending on your preference. You can also upload certificates and other documentary evidence to demonstrate your compliance.

Our members may also choose to make use of our new Omnia product, a flexible compliance package designed to assist members with the necessary services to keep their practice safe. Members then proactively work towards maintaining obligations and compliance with the standards.

GP practices will receive a package which includes calibration, training and compliance services  that work to the requirements of the regulators.

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