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Needled about safety

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Needled about safety

A survey carried out by the British Association of Dental Nurses (available at has revealed that over half of respondents had suffered a needlestick injury (51.17%), with 60% of those having had more than one injury and 11% experiencing a needlestick injury in the last year. What’s more, 1.24% acquired a blood-borne virus as a result of the injury.

Thankfully, 97.35% of respondents who had needlestick injuries knew what to do in terms of treatment and reporting.

On 11 May 2013, the Health & Safety (Safer Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations came into force, building on the existing law and providing details on what’s required of healthcare employers and their contractors. When asked about these new regulations, 39% of respondents reported that their dental practice had put new safety procedures and safety devices in place. A further 23% reported new safety procedures had been implemented and 17% said that new safety devices had been acquired.

But then there were the 21% who reported that no changes had been made. Now, either they were up to par already, which is great, or they’re somewhat lost. If you are worried you fall into the latter category, a good place to start is by downloading the HSE’s guidance for employers and employees at

In addition, we at DBG offer our ‘Introduction to Health & Safety’ course, which helps you to learn about your responsibilities and the health and safety arrangements that should be in place, in order to comply with the law and fulfil your ‘duty of care’. There’s also the ‘Manual Handling & Ergonomics’ course covering, amongst other important subjects, manual handling regulations, advice and techniques.

For further information visit our Training Services page. Alternatively, please do give us a call; we’re always pleased to help.

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