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Information on the CQC's new style inspections

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    Information on the CQC's new style inspections

    The below information has been provided by the CQC to guide you through their new processes.

What to expect when we inspect

We have compiled this quick guide to help you understand what to expect from our new approach to inspecting primary care dental practices.

Before the inspection

6 - 8 weeks to go
CQC will telephone your NHS area team and send them a letter to request information they have about the dental practices to be inspected in their area, such as any assessments undertaken, complaints, risks or issues received and any investigations undertaken.

4 weeks to go
CQC will send an information request to your local Healthwatch requesting information they may hold about the quality of care provided by the practices to be inspected. This will include evidence of good quality care as well as concerns.

2 weeks to go
The CQC inspector will call you to introduce themselves, discuss the new approach and talk through the agenda for the inspection visit.

You will receive a letter from CQC to confirm the date of your inspection and request a copy of your statement of purpose, information on complaints / compliments and staff details.

We will send you a quantity of comment cards for your patients to complete and posters to advertise the inspection and tell patients how to get in touch with CQC.

General preparation
You can read about our new approach to regulating and inspecting primary care dental services on our website at:

On the day of the inspection

General information

  • The inspector may bring a specialist advisor or expert by experience with them with them.
  • Our inspection will use a combination of interviews with staff and patients, and reviewing information the practice has, such as policies, procedures and data (see below for examples).
  • The inspection visit will usually be completed in one day.

What you will need to do

  • Help our inspection team to find evidence that your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

What we will do

Speak to you and your staff and people who use your practice.
Collect and review the comment cards that people have completed.
Review some or all of the documentation below (please note this list is not exhaustive);

  • Equipment maintenance certificates
  • Radiation protection file
  • Selection of audits and action plans
  • Infection control - policies, procedures and records
  • Staff recruitment - policies, procedures and staff files
  • Staff training records
  • Patient satisfaction survey and findings

At the end of the session

The inspector will hold a feedback session with you to share their initial thoughts about what they have found. Remember, this will not be their final conclusion, as they will need to consider their findings.

After the inspection

We will send you a draft inspection report. You will have the opportunity to challenge any factual inaccuracies at this stage.
We’ll be quality-assuring reports to ensure they are consistent with how other dental practices have been inspected.
We publish the final report on our website.

As a DBG member you will already have access to our FREE CQC Compliance tool within the Member's Area, this will be updated and ready to use regarding the new Fundamental Standards for the 1st April.

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