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Save money on 7 essential business services with DBG

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    Save money on 7 essential business services with DBG

Small savings on everyday business transactions and expenses could add up to major savings over a year for your practice.

While you're busy running your practice, how much money is droppong off your bottom line through those everyday costs which add up to a small fortune over a year? 

We have negotiated excellent rates with a range of selected suppliers to provide you with real examples of the savings you could make, take a look at the table below on the savings one of our members has made.


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In terms of the comparisons, the pricing is based on the following informaiton.

Cc These figures are based on 12 months of transactions with a mix of NHS and Private patients through DD rates with Barclaycard.

Documentdisposal The quote from our business partner shred-it is based on 50 bags of confidential waste over 12 months.

Hazardouswaste  These costs are based on the practice having 4 amalgam capules, 4 amalgam waste, 1 lead foil, 12 sanitary units, 2 fixer, 4 developers, 1 hard clinical and 12 clinical bags over 12 months, using Cannon Hygiene's Member Rates.

AlexandraworkwearPurchased via Alexandra Workwear on Member rates for 24 tunics, 3 each for 8 staff.

Patientcomms Figures are based on an average of 400 texts per month, using Patient Comms Member service.

Insurance This was done as a practice insurance quote for the Grosvenor Dental Practice. We have two Insurance partners in Lloyd & Whyte and MIAB who both provide DBG Members with preferential rates.

Energypurchasing We have another opportunity for Members through Energy Purchasing, this isnt included in the comparison but represents the posibility of further savings for our members through group purchasing power in regards to energy.




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