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Patient Communication and Complaint Handling

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New for 2016 DBG is introducing a Patient Communication and Complaint Handling course.

Complaints handling is a skill every business requires and our course will help you tackle this difficult subject matter to ensure you deal with any potential complaints in the best possible way.

Question Yellow Why do I need this course?

This is a GDC Core recommended subject and Supports compliance with GDC Principles below:

  • Principle 1 Put Patients interests first
  • Principle 2 Communicate effectively with patients
  • Principle 5 Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
  • Principle 6 Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients best interests

Clock Yellow How long is this course?

2.5 hours and is verifiable CPD

Person Yellow Who delivers this course?

The course is delivered by Donna Hickey, Head of Compliance at DBG. Donna has worked in Dentistry for over 25 years and has assessed compliance in 1000s of practices nationwide.

Exclamation Yellow What is covered in this course?

After completing the DBG’s complaints handling and communication skills course you will have:

  • Gained an understanding of UK Complaints Services such as The Dental Complaints Service, NHS Complaints Service and the GDC
  • Gained an understanding of the Principles of Good Complaints Handling
  • Improved your knowledge on why patients complain and how to avoid
  • Demonstrated listening and communication skills via our interactive workshop
  • Recognition of how to obtain valid consent
  • Recognition of how to demonstrate your Duty of Candour

Mapuk Where are the courses held?

Manchester, Wednesday 15 June 2016

London, Wednesday 5 October 2016

Pound Yellow1 How much does this course cost?

£40 per person plus VAT

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